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Bedroom Bliss: Creating a Calm and Relaxing Oasis


Snug, inviting, warm, intimate ---- all of these words have been used to describe the feeling that homeowners want to feel when they retire to their bedroom at the end of a long day. Our fast-paced work and even family environment can wear and tear on us throughout the day. Our bodies long for an oasis of escape at the end of the day that can envelope us with comfort and ultimately recharge us for another day. Surrounding yourself with a good bedroom design plays a large role in how impactful our bedroom space can be for our lifestyle.

Bedroom Design - Creating a Calm and Relaxing Oasis

When it comes to creating your bedroom bliss, start with gathering inspiration images and color palettes that reflect the aesthetic you are wanting. Colors that often evoke a sense of calmness and tranquility are soft blues, light greens, pure whites, and muted browns. Natural and organic elements can also lead to feelings of bliss and coziness. By gathering inspiration from colors, textures, images, and styles that give you a sense of calm, you are setting the foundation for the perfect bedroom design.


Reimagining your room layout is another impactful step to transforming your bedroom aesthetic. Think about your daily routines and analyze whether your current space plan flows easily with your functionality needs or whether it hinders your everyday tasks. By shifting your bed to a different wall or moving an accent chair to another corner, you will be able to see your floor plan open up to a more functional and calming arrangement.


The following step in your bedroom transformation process is determining the necessary furniture pieces and then layering your secondary items and accessories. In this one step, your bedroom can go from feeling crowded and overly cluttered to feeling relaxed and minimalistic. The process of removing unnecessary furniture pieces will immediately give your mind and your bedroom a refreshing sense of control. From here, you can begin to add secondary furniture pieces and accessories carefully to give your room a finished and collected look.


Once you determine the last two steps, you can begin to implement a quality lighting plan for your bedroom. The lighting plan should include ambient, task and accent lighting to give your room a well rounded lighting affect. Go back to your daily routines and determine where you would need lighting based on your functionality needs. A wall sconce above the nightstand, library light above a piece of artwork, a fan centered on the ceiling, a dimmable chandelier --- all of these make a great difference in enhancing your bedroom bliss.


Investing in quality bedding can make a difference in the look and feel of your bedroom oasis. I highly recommend good quality European flax linen, silk, or cotton sheet sets and duvet covers to give your bedroom a luxurious appearance. These materials are durable and their high quality also encourages a better night’s sleep.


Creating a bedroom oasis that is calming and inviting does not just happen by chance. Good quality design in the bedroom takes planning and forethought, but it has the ability to enhance your daily tasks to a better level. Elevating your master bedroom can give your mind and soul the boost it needs to approach each new day with a fresh perspective.

"Find joy in the simple things and life will always be fulfilling."


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