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Paint Color for Dark and Moody Interiors

Dark and moody interiors are all about creating an atmosphere with depth, weight, and a surprisingly calming ambiance. This look can be achieved through a variety of ways --- industrial elements, high contrast textures, bold accents, soft candlelight or dimmable lighting, velvet furnishings, and deep, rich color schemes. Whether you are wanting to add a little bit more depth into your whole home with darker colors or are in the process of choosing paint colors to color drench one room, here are a few top paint colors that I would recommend for dark and moody interiors.


Paint Colors for Dark and Moody Interiors

SW foothills – the understated chocolate brown

Recently used in my own home, this dark brown paint color is the perfect color for a dramatic yet warm aesthetic. This color pairs nicely with industrial or modern organic home styles and is a warm brown color. This color is most definitely a neutral with subtle green undertones that give this color a natural stone feel.

SW pewter green – the earthy green shade

Perfect as an accent wall color, this SW paint color is the perfect combination of calming and dark. One of the most popular dark green shades for SW due to its ability to bring a touch of elegance to any room without overwhelming the space.


SW black magic – the master of disguise

As darker colors have emerged over the past few years in design trends, so has this deep black paint color. Black Magic has the warmest undertones that can give a bold statement to any room while pulling it all together.


Tonester Americana – the jeweled tone red

Known or being the vintage red of the Tonester paint collection, this red hue is the perfect color for trim and doors or full room color drenching. With its rich saturation and subtle hints of purple, this dark red is a fun yet moody color choice for any interior.


BM dragon’s breath – the rich brown tone

Another deep brown that is sure to steal your breath away. If you are looking for a bold brown paint color that elevates your space with no overwhelm, this is your color. This rich brown is the perfect choice for contrasting trim or door colors in a dark and moody home.


Farrow and Ball downpipe – the cool gray paint

If you are looking for a deep gray color shade that can transform your space with cool undertones, Downpipe is the shade that you want for your next project. This color goes best in hallways or on exteriors for a bold and dramatic effect.


BM southern vine – the undecided color tone

Southern Vine gives a subtle hint of green and a subtle hint of brown depending on the colors it is surrounded by and the lighting in a room. It best pairs with off white shades to make it stand out and create a bold contrast between light and dark.


SW sommelier – the saturated red shade

This is the perfect fall or winter red with subtle hints of orange undertones. For a full wall color, this shade would pair perfectly with dramatic wallpaper to create a bold statement. It’s rich tones give this the perfect red color recommendation.


Paint color choices can be extremely fun for dark and moody interiors wanting to make a statement. I always recommend finding two to three color choices for your spaces and purchasing some peel and stick samples. These samples give you the freedom to see the paint color in your own home, and they give you the ability to remove the sample to see what it looks like in different parts of the room. Before committing to a paint color, remember to always find a few sample to test out first.

"One can speak poetry just by arranging colors well."

-Vincent Van Gogh-



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