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"I believe that good design does not have to be complicated. It is all the simple touches and little details that work together to create a good, quality design for any space."

- Esther Ellard, Lead Designer - 

About Effortless Designs

Effortless Designs is boutique interior design business that got started in 2020 by its owner, Esther Hernandez. After receiving her certification through the New York Institute of Art and Design, Esther started her company with the goal to serve her clients by creating a beautiful difference in their home while in turn enhancing their thriving lifestyle.

Originally started as a home staging company, Effortless Designs has transitioned to offer interior design only services including full service interior design, virtual interior design, and designer for a day. We approach every project with the mindset of "every detail matters." From a high level of communication between client and designer to sourcing and installing the perfect items for each home, Effortless Designs has a reputation of bringing integrity, honesty, and passion into every design project.

Our Boutique Design Approach

At Effortless Designs, we have a boutique approach to interior design. Although we partner with other preferred vendors, we have one principal designer: Esther, who sees to every detail of your project. It is through this design approach that we are able to maintain a personal and cohesive interior design experience. 

Through this boutique approach to interior design, we have successfully worked on projects as small as single room accessories to new build finishes to full home design and furnishings. Our goal is to create beautiful, cohesive spaces while giving our clients a quality interior design experience.


Get to Know Esther

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Music with certifications in home staging, interior design, and vacation rental design through the New York Institute of Art and Design and the Staging Studio. With a background in home staging, I am able to offer a unique insight to my clients through my interior design process by pairing my in depth home analysis skill with creative design solutions.


I love engaging in meaningful conversations with clients and enjoy every minute of the design process. When I am not designing beautiful spaces, I am more than likely training at the local gym, spending time with other peoples dogs and horses (yes I am an animal lover!), or spending quality time with my amazing husband outdoors.

Let's Grab a Virtual Coffee Together

Although I have left the coffee world behind (since 2023), get to know me over a virtual fun session. I want you to get to know me personally. Book a time, grab your favorite morning beverage and let's chat, not necessarily design but just a casual get to know you session. 

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