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Why Hire a Short Term Rental Designer

Edited by Victoria Roberts

Photography; David Payne

The short-term rental market of today is becoming saturated with stunning properties. What started as a simple way to rent out a spare bedroom or two has turned into a hot market for guests seeking a vacation experience. If you are thinking of starting a short-term rental, you may have a few questions. Should I hire a designer to professionally design and furnish my Airbnb? Can I just skip that expense and do it myself? Does good design matter when starting a short-term rental? Most STR hosts I speak with ask themselves at least one or all these questions. Today, I want to share three reasons why you should hire a professional STR stylist to help you design and furnish your Airbnb listing.

1. Investing in quality design by a professional STR stylist leads to more income.

By hiring a professional stylist, you receive designer guidance when it comes to renovation picks, furniture purchases, hospitality amenities, full installation, and realistic budget planning. This gives your guests, an experience, which will increase your nightly rate. Quality design goes hand in hand with attracting quality guests who appreciate a well-designed vacation home.

2. Guests will book with you only if you give a good first impression.

Due to the growing short-term rental industry, we have seen a rise in guest expectations when they book a short-term rental versus booking a hotel. Guests are looking for a designer-level experience. They want to be wowed and that initial impression starts with their initial search online.

3. Short-Term Rental Stylists create and execute a vision.

Upon hiring a stylist, you will be provided with the expertise needed to turn your property into a fully functioning Airbnb. After an initial consultation, the designer will create vision and design boards to show how they can execute a stunning short-term rental that will increase your nightly rate and maximize your profit.

Should you hire a designer for your short term rental?


The investment that you are willing to put into your short-term rental property will make a big impact. Starting a short-term rental can be profitable with the right perspective. By investing in an STR stylist who can deliver a quality design for your property, you can maximize your profit as a host and increase the number of satisfied guests who leave behind stellar reviews.

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