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Which Accent Wall Would You Choose?

As an interior designer who has worked with builders while flipping a home, I've seen firsthand the impact an accent wall can have on a property. The truth is that homeowners are looking for eye-catching design details when picking a home. For this reason, your basic gray and white builder-grade home will be on the market for a longer period unless you decide to include a wow element in the design. One currently trending style in the design world revolves around accent walls. A good accent wall can elevate a plain interior into a customized home.

Let’s talk about the several different ways that you could optimize the use of accent walls.

1. Board and batten

Board and batten is a combination of siding and paneling, commonly arranged horizontally, to add layers and visual interest. While most common, this accent wall is not limited to skinny up and down paneling. It can also be geometric, rectangular, or square. A board and batten accent wall is often seen in modern design styles but can also be used in rustic settings when matched with the right paint color. Board and batten is one of the more popular accent walls in today’s design world.

2. Shiplap

Shiplap has recently been making a comeback in the design world. Shiplap is characterized by paneling that has been cut into long planks which are placed tightly together with a small gap in between. Many builders use shiplap as a design tool to make a room appear taller. A shiplap accent wall is a perfect idea if your style leans towards the modern farmhouse, rustic, or coastal aesthetic. The timeless versatility of this design element helps it remain a design staple in many homes of today.

3. Wood Herringbone

A wood herringbone wall is created by wooden planks precisely cut to create a herringbone pattern. Incorporating a wood herringbone wall in any room gives the space an immediate facelift. You can add a variety of wood stains to make this accent wall stand out in modern and Scandinavian design styles. While more expensive that the other two options, several homeowners have agreed that the result makes it worthwhile., elevating this type of accent wall to the top of the home design trending list.

4. Wainscoting

Wainscoting is created by pieces of wooden trim and wood panels installed in a customized pattern on the wall and topped with a chair rail. Unlike the other accent wall designs, the wainscoting style is a traditional way of giving any room a subtle layering effect. This subtle accent wall has been seen in transitional design styles and is truly a timeless design element. When paired with dark paint colors, such as SW Iron Ore or SW Tricorn Black, wainscoting can transform a space completely.

Next time you team up with a designer to build a home, ask him which accent wall would be best for your demographic. Each of these trending accent wall ideas can make an ordinary home turn into a luxury listing overnight. When teaming up with a designer, he can instruct you on which wall is the perfect accent wall for the buyer demographic of the area. Which accent wall variation would you choose?


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