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Ways to Boost Your Landscaping This Fall

Landscaping can be especially difficult in the cooler months since many natural flowers and plants seem to wither away. Though it may seem easier to skip landscaping in the fall, statistics show that professionally landscaped homes fetch 15 to 20 percent more at the time of resale than homes no landscaping. Like home staging, home landscaping should not take over but instead complement the style and character of the home. A well landscaped yard is sure to attract potential buyers that will value the investment you’ve made in your home. This month, I wanted to give some recommendations on ways to landscape your home in the cooler seasons to help you attract the right buyers at a top dollar price.

1. Have you ever considered planting a fall garden?

Herbs and veggies like broccoli, lettuce, spinach, peas, oregano, sage, thyme, and mint are perfect to plant and harvest up to mid fall. In addition to freshening up your exterior, a fall garden will be an added benefit to both your potential buyers and your family as you head into the winter months.

2. Do you prefer colorful trees or green trees in the fall?

If you prefer green trees year-round, the weeping willow or Thuja Green giant are easy to plant and can thrive in temperatures below zero. For those of you who absolutely love the bright reds and oranges of fall, you can add the Japanese maple or October Glory red maple to complement a more neutral home exterior. All these trees are either low maintenance or easy to plant and add a fall aesthetic to your yard.

3. Wondering which flowers survive in the fall temperatures?

Just because the hot weather is gone, doesn’t mean that the flowers should disappear from your yard as well. Sedum, a smaller flower which looks like a succulent with a reddish pink bloom, is a fall flower that adds a pop of color to landscaped areas. Garden and Hardy Chrysanthemums are also perfect for planting in autumn, since they come in a variety of colors and can be purchased already in full bloom. For those who are looking for a nontraditional flower to complement their home, celosia is a low maintenance flower that stands out with its colors and feather like texture. Whichever flower you prefer, you’ll find that your buyers will appreciate the extra touch just as much as you.

4. Who doesn’t love earthy walkways all year round?

Creating a walkway up to your front door really invites buyers to look inside and fall in love with the home. If your home has more of an earthy bungalow feel, you can create a walkway by using flagstone pavers or large natural stones. For those of you who have historic, traditional, or Tudor style homes, consider adding a winding walkway with cobblestone and slate. For a fun fall project to get the kids involved, let the whole family pitch in to design an entryway with granite or leafy steppingstones. Each of these options will turn your ordinary entryway into an inviting space.

Creating a floral fall oasis or adding fall plant life to your outdoor space is the perfect way to attract buyers or welcome relatives during the holidays. Although landscaping can be tricky, there are several beautiful ways that you can complement your house even when the weather starts to change

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