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Tips to Save Before Staging

What’s holding you back from staging? Is it your budget? It’s true that getting your home staged by a professional will come with a required price to stage. That is the case with any profession in which you require outside help. However, staging doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Today, I’m going to walk you through some DIY tricks that will help you save money before you hire a professional stager.

1. Pack away your personal photos and replace with framed, neutral artwork.

This simple trick allows you to use the frames you own while cleaning up your home for potential buyers. The emphasis that stagers put on neutralizing the space is important so that potential buyers can visualize themselves in the space to make their own memories with their family. An additional way to save with this trick is by purchasing digital prints of abstract art or minimal designs for each frame. You could even purchase large canvases that are similar in size and do splatter painting in a similar color palette to unify the other items in the room as well. Modernize the artwork in each space and the house will look different already.

2. Spruce up the front door.

HGTV magazine noted that this small project adds to a home’s curb appeal. Be sure to pick a stain or paint color that draws the eye. Once your door is freshly painted, consider adding door numbers for some extra style. The local hardware should offer several options and you can arrange the numbers based in fun ways to match your home. If you like your front door as is, think about adding numbers for an extra sleek detail. Finish if off with a welcome mat and your house is ready for staging. Your stager will notice and appreciate the small details and it will make their job easier overall.

3. Purchase new accent pillows.

Now this tip does make a huge difference in the living room. The living room is one of the first spaces in a home that buyers will gravitate to for comfort. Over the years, a well-loved sofa can look worn to newcomers, making the entire room seem out of date. Buying new, fluffy accent pillows can make the couch feel new and brighten the room. From square to rectangle to circular, the style of pillows is endless. Your room will feel new and welcoming with this simple addition to the couch.

4. Utilize extra long blanket scarves as throw blankets.

This is a simple yet crucial to staging your home on a budget. Most trendy blankets can be expensive. By using a blanket scarf, you can add dimension to any empty space. Use them rolled up in a basket, folded into a triangle for the couch, or carelessly thrown on a bed for texture. Those blanket scarves lying around from last winter might be the thing you need to liven up your space.

5. Add scents to keep the home fresh.

Finding the right balance of scents throughout your home will keep your house show ready. Wall plug ins are a great option for distributing fresh aromas throughout the house. You can even create your own walls scents or essential oil mixes and put them in diffusers in the main rooms. This tip alone will create a welcoming environment as your buyers walk through their potential home.

These tips and tricks are a few budget friendly staging hacks that will turn your daunting list of tasks into just a few check marks. While none of these can take the place of hiring a professional stager, they can add value to your home while reducing overall cost for future staging.

Written by Esther Hernandez

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