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Things to Know About our Staging Process

Written by Esther Hernandez

Edited by Victoria Roberts

Staging a property is more than putting furniture in a home. In reality, much of the work is done prior to staging day. There are several hours that go into the prep work to get the furnishings and accessories ready. Upon scheduling the consultation, our stager goes to the property location to take measurements, snap photos, and begin curating the design so that everything runs smoothly on staging day. From this point on up until the day of staging, all the little details matter.

1. The Paperwork

Within 48 hours of the consultation, our stager sends three important items to our staging client. The first item is the staging estimate that includes pricing for furniture rental, staging design and installation, movers, and pickup. Following that, our stager sends the client a staging contract that clarifies legal terms, the date for staging day, and our company’s policies and procedures. One of the last items sent to our clients is an aesthetic mood board. This helps clients visualize what their property will look like after staging. Once the contract is signed, our stager begins the creative process.

2. The Staging Design

Our stager creates an inventory list outlining every single item in our inventory that will be used for a specific property. From the sofa and bed to the beaded tassels and rolled towels, every item is kept track of to ensure that the house looks perfect come staging day. We take care to select items that reflect the character and quality of the home so that buyers will have an emotional connection to the property as soon as they walk in.

3. The Picking and Packing

While using the aesthetic mood board as a reference, our stager spends hours in our warehouse gathering all the items from the inventory list and packing them securely. All fragile décor is wrapped and stored in labeled bins so that, on staging day, the movers know exactly where everything should go. During the packing process, our stager also sets up mock layouts for each room with specific furniture and accessories to make sure everything flows cohesively in each space.

4. The Staging Day

When staging day arrives, the movers carefully load the truck with the staging items. Once the movers arrive at the property, our stager oversees the placement of all the main furniture and begins to unpack the accessories for each designated room. The first items placed in the house are the area rugs, followed by the assembly of large furniture pieces, then the secondary furniture, and finally the accessories and soft goods.

5. The Finishing Touches

Once the staging is complete, our stager does a walk-through of each space to ensure that everything is perfect. During this time, our stager ensures that all the beds have been steamed and the pillows fluffed. Then it’s time to show the client. Once the client arrives on location, our stager completes a second walk-through with the property owner to showcase the staging design.

After the contract term has ended, our stager and movers return to the property to repeat the same steps in reverse. The hours that go into staging a home accumulate before and after staging day. Our business, Effortless Designs, pays special attention to all the details in every step of this process. Professional home staging requires a tried and true system to elevate the listing correctly and attract the perfect buyer for the home.

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