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The Value of a Home Stager

In order to appreciate the difference a professional stager can make, it is necessary to understand the purpose of staging as well as its benefits. Home staging goes beyond home décor. Many factors play a role in getting the home sold faster and for the best price. No matter the price range or market, buyers always see the value in staged homes and sellers always want the most for their home. Today, we will see the benefits that professional stagers bring in areas of mindset, perspective, marketing, and value.


The first benefit to hiring professional stager is the right mindset. A professional stager is trained to stage to sell. Most stagers have taken courses or certifications in the art of home staging. Professional home stagers are constantly learning about and applying current trends that are on the market to improve the look of your home for a fast sale. Stagers are also adept at identifying home improvements necessary to prepare a home for sale. These attributes combined ensure that a professional stager has the correct mindset when it comes to staging a home.


The second benefit of hiring a professional stager is the right perspective. Stagers bring an extra dimension to the buying and selling process, which lends balance to the differing perspectives between the homeowner and the realtor. Homeowners may be unwilling to change certain things in their own home because they are emotionally attached to the house. Realtors can remove too much from a home to make it appear like a clean slate. Although neither of these perspectives are wrong, leaning toward one perspective too much can be detrimental to the overall sale. On the other hand, professional home stagers have experience in a variety of homes and lifestyles. The professional will know can sell your home and what can hinder your home from being sold.


A third benefit that a professional home stager brings is a broad network for promotion. Most stagers will promote their homes on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. They do this through photos, videos, reels, or before and after’s which can draw several potential buyers to the open house or to request a showing. The difference between the network of a realtor and the network of a home stager is that the home stager has not only business contacts but a reach into the design realm as well. These network connections will be attracted through modes of marketing by the stager. Professional stagers often times also have contacts with designers and contractors that are in the area and can be an asset to the homeowner for any necessary home improvement projects.


One last benefit a professional home stager can bring is adding value to the home that other homes on the market do not have. When selling a home, standing out makes a big difference. Home stagers have a creative eye when it comes to the buying and selling process. Professionals can make any home look desirable to a broad range of potential buyers and ultimately lead to the ideal buyer purchasing the home.

Hiring a professional home stager is one of the best investments you can make when preparing to sell your home. With a meticulous mindset, fresh perspective, and a larger network, the home stager can add that extra element you need to finalize the sale . Home stagers are truly worth the investment that buyers will be able to see when selling their home.

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