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Staging Trends to Fall-ow

The year 2020 has been full of ups and downs for every individual. With more time spent at home, many find themselves with extra time to do house projects. Personally, fall is one of my favorite seasons to decorate the house, using dark oranges, bright tans, and maroon hues. The colors remind me of the promise of something new coming. Are you ready for a new season of possibilities? Today, I would like to share some popular trends that can help you tackle your fall projects and brighten your home.

1. Cozy Colors

According to, navy is a trending color for 2020. As we enter the fall season, it looks like blues and greens are making a comeback. The darker hues of these colors add warmth and comfort to any room which is ideal as the weather turns chilly. Adding a few of these colors on trays, vases, or blankets can give your home that fall vibe.

1. Autumn Curb Appeal

O, how I love front porches and back patios! For me, this is one of the areas that you can try new things and add a little fun to the décor. A trend that continues to be popular is incorporating pumpkins of various shapes and sizes onto the front porches. This fall style is a great way to add a hint of fall to your outdoor spaces. You can also add fall flowers to a hanging basket or place them in a pot on either side of the door to further enhance the autumn feel. One last thing that you can do to give your porch that finishing touch is to switch out your welcome sign for a fall sign. One of the places that I highly recommend for seasonal signs is Handcrafted Scripture on Etsy.

2. Seasonal Stoneware

After researching for this blog post, I discovered that one of the current fall trends for 2020 is using stoneware on mantles, coffee tables, kitchen counters, and bedroom nightstands. As stated in ‘Natural pottery and stoneware bring a moody fall vibe to any table or mantle. Try filling them with items from nature to bring the outdoors in!’. This is definitely a style tip that is worth a try and can help give your home a vintage, fall feel.

3. Sensible scents

There is nothing better to do in the morning of a fall day than light a candle or put on a diffuser. Candles that smell like pumpkin spice, vanilla bean, and apples and cinnamon can turn an ordinary house into an autumn haven. In addition, the beautiful colors they come in are great for the fall aesthetic. However, if you prefer diffusers, some of these fall essential oils are great for a fall blend: balsam fir, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, cedar wood, clover, orange, nutmeg, and bergamot. Making your home smell like fall is and important step in creating the autumn aesthetic drift through your home.

4. Cozy Tastes

Last, but certainly not least, let’s discuss something that can be used as a décor trend and a hosting tool. Coffee or tea stations are a great way to make your home extra cozy and inviting for guests. For a fall vibe, consider adding a vintage pot, some fall-looking mugs, fall flavored creamers or roasts or adding a woven table cloth to the corner. The smell of coffee always brings a cozy feeling to any room but can be changed into an apple cider corner, tea corner, and easily be transitioned for Christmas by being turned into a hot chocolate bar.

Fall is the beginning of something new for everyone. I hope you can incorporate some of these fall trends this season and share them with your loved ones. Stay cozy and close to your families while the autumn chill creeps in. Until next month, happy fall everyone.

Written by Esther Hernandez

Photography by Lancer Smith

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