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Staging for Sizzling Summers

As a realtor or home owner, you may be asking if its worth it to stage your home before listing it on the market. According to the average sale time for a staged home is 6 days versus the average 48 days of an unstaged home. That is probably one of the biggest reasons to stage your home before you sell it.

When you are selling your home, you may think that staging is just another added thing to put on your endless to do list. So, why not let a professional take that off your list? A professional stager will do far more than decorate your home. Home stagers research your demographic so that they can prepare the environment for a broad range of potential buyers.

Staging your home will also increase the price for which it’s sold. You may be able to sell a vacant home quickly due to the market rate, but what if you could sell it quickly at a higher price than all other realtors in your area. Wouldn’t it be worth the investment if you could achieve a better price? Below are a few quick reasons why you should stage your home before ever putting it on the market:

1. It will attract a broad range of buyers.

2. It helps justify the asking price.

3. Buyers will have a great first impression.

4. It reduces out of pocket costs for buyers.

5. It gives every room a purpose for the buyer.

In the end, you want to get the best price for your investment. Knowing that you have hired a professional to get you the best results for your home will allow you to relax much more on your summer vacation, whether you are a realtor or a homeowner. After all, you put a lot of love into your home. Now let a home stager prepare it for its greatest potential so you have more time to soak in the sun.

Written by Esther Hernandez

Edited by Victoria Roberts



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