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Short Term Rental Styling

Air BnB’s have become popular in the past few years. People want to find a place to stay that is part of their vacation experience. Owners are turning to short-term rentals as a source of supplementary income. However, this source takes more work than it may seem. To get quality reviews from clients, owners depend on designers to create a space that families will love. Air BNB styling is one of the newest services that Effortless Designs LLC has added this year. I am excited to share an overview of our process when it comes to styling Air Bnbs.

Our process begins with the initial consultation. We offer consultations to our client both in person and virtually over the Zoom platform. This is a chance for our client to share his end goal for the short-term rental. While collaborating on design ideas, we also discuss the demographics of the area and the unique facets this short-term rental will offer. Before ending the meeting, I always suggest setting a budget. This helps the buyer and the designer create realistic expectations for the Air BnB and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

After the meeting, my next task as a designer is to complete follow-up research. Once I have seen the Air BNB location in person, I determine the dominant design style of the living spaces. For instance, for a remote cabin in the mountains, I would probably go for a neutral rustic design style. For an Air BNB located near a historical downtown area, I may go for a transitional style with touches of historic features. Once the style is determined, I can begin creating a mood board with inspirational spaces, a color palette, texturized pieces, and natural elements. Once the client has approved the mood board, I can move on to the next step in the design process, which is creating a shopping guide with stores to shop and key pieces to purchase.

Once the consultation and follow-up have been completed, I dive into the handpicking process. When styling an Air BNB, I always begin with large pieces of furniture. This includes items such as beds, sofas, dining tables, and outdoor furniture. I always like to make sure that these pieces are sturdy, comfortable, and inviting for guests. The next items on the list would be accessory furniture like coffee tables, accent chairs, large potted plants, and side tables. Some of these items can be bought online, depending on the style that we’ve decided on. Then, it’s time for the small details. I like to purchase small detail items in person, so that I can get a feel for how they will look in the space. Things on the details list include pillows, blankets, artwork, decorative pieces, bedding, lamps, etc. The handpicking process is the step that takes the most time but is important to creating the perfect Air BNB space.

When it comes to the final installation, I begin by assembling every piece of furniture. Then its time to move it all in. Area rugs and larger pieces of furniture are placed in their respective spaces first. Next, I move in the accessory furniture. The last step in the installation process involves adding the textures and layers to the Air Bnb through soft goods and decorative items. Once all the items are in place, I do a walk-through with my clients to ensure that every design element meets the expectations we set in our initial consultation.

Short-term rentals, like Air BnB’s, are an excellent source of income. However, the difference between subpar and successful rentals can be determined by the designer you work with. By hiring a quality designer, you guarantee a genuine experience for your future guests. We love working with Air BNB hosts to furnish the entire Air BNB or to give their current Air BnB a refresh that will leave guests raving about their rental.

Written by: Esther Hernandez

Edited by Victoria Roberts

FEATURED RENTAL: Tranquille Resort Hiawassee, GA

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