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Picking the Right White Paint Color

Written by Esther Hernandez

Edited by Victoria Roberts


While it is often overlooked as a trending color, white continues to be a showcase color in the staging and design industries. White gives homes an open, clean feeling while providing any property with a quick update. White is also popular because it is a blank canvas that is easy to work with and design for. However, white paint colors can start running together when there are so many choices and you are not sure which looks best in your home.

Here are a few of the top paint choices in today's design world along with when to use them.

1. Sherwin Williams Pure White – This is the perfect white color. It is classified as a warm white with a slight yellow undertone and a hint of stark vibrance.

2. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace – Classified as a clean, bright white, Chantilly Lace is recommended in homes that have plenty of good lighting. This go-to classic white is also highly recommended for ceilings and trim.

3. Behr Ultra Pure White – Often referred to as the “whitest white on the market”, Behr Ultra White is popular as it has little to no undertones. This makes it the perfect choice if you are wanting a pure all-or-nothing white shade with no hassle.

4. Sherwin Williams Snowbound – This warm white paint color has been popular for years. It tends to lean towards the taupe side and is highly recommended for main living spaces like the living room or dining room.

5. Benjamin Moore Simply White – Simply white is a “simply” beautiful white color choice. This white paint color is crisp and highly recommended to use all around the house, especially on kitchen cabinets.

6. Behr Swiss Coffee – This designer favorite is the perfect white paint color if you are looking for an inviting creamy white. Behr Swiss Coffee is versatile and easy to use as it has no distinct undertone and tends to be more neutral in any space.

7. Sherwin Williams Spare White – This SW paint color is a cool white with blue and purple undertones. This color works best in a minimalist style home.

8. Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White – Decorator’s white is not as versatile and tends to have a purple and gray undertone in certain lights. However, this color works great for spaces where it is the only white color present. This Benjamin Moore favorite should not be paired with bright clean whites as its undertones will be more noticeable.

9. Behr Off White – This white color is perfect for the homeowner who is wanting more of a vintage look to their white-colored walls. This color is a warm white color that tends to go beige in

certain lights.

10. Sherwin Williams Natural White This warm white is another Sherwin Williams favorite and works best in a Modern minimalist design space.

The world of white is full of plentiful shades. This quick overview of white paint colors will hopefully make the choice to paint your next white room easier. Always remember to purchase paint samples that you can test in your room and see how the color does under different lights. Whether you need a cool white or a warm white, one of these popular choices is sure to work for your next project.


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