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Neutral Art Pieces I Am Loving

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With the numerous pieces of art that are out there today, I have come to find a few pieces that are my go to and that are perfect for a neutral styled home. These pieces range from affordable artwork staples to more expensive quality pieces that work in any home. My overall design style is neutral basics paired with wooden accents and layers of texture. All of these pieces on this list have a hint of sophistication work perfectly with any style if you are looking to keep a more neutral look in your home. Here are my current top ten artwork picks!

1. Dusty Sky over Green Field Framed Canvas

Shopping Link:

2. Watercolor Pastel Duo Tan Art Set

Shopping Link:

3. Watercolor Mountain Framed Canvas

4. Hazed Framed Wall Canvas

5. Sunrise Waters

6. Greenland Expanse Framed Canvas

7. Rowan Layered Paper Wall Art

8. Marine layer Framed Canvas

9. Afloat

Shopping Link: Afloat – Cove Prints

10. Awash Framed Print

Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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