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My Top Retailers of 2020 and Why

Do you have a brand of products that you gravitate toward because of its reliability? This month, I want to share about my favorite retailers throughout 2020. I’ll discuss what I use them for and what I love about them. Before we begin, I do want to state that I understand individual experiences can be different. This article highlights positive experiences I’ve had with retailers. If you have had a negative experience with the retailers below, then they may not be your preferred vendor. Please keep in mind this is a personal opinion based on my experience and nothing below has been endorsed by the retailers mentioned.

Hobby Lobby is close to my heart in more ways than one. I worked at this store in high school and it was an unforgettable experience. I promised myself then that someday I would come back to shop here for my own home décor. Instead, as I launch my business, I find myself stepping into the familiar doors of this store to help others with staging. Having a knowledge of the constant flow of sales at Hobby Lobby is the best way to shop smart. I love to purchase things like artwork, greenery, potted plants, and wall décor from here. The store has beautiful color palettes for their artwork and wall décor around which is essential in home staging. Greenery and potted plants are also on sale quite often and, since I love using greenery to soften up homes, I know I can always find them affordable and accessible. Hobby Lobby is a retailer close to my heart, where I can always find items of great quality and value.

Wayfair is an online retailer I discovered this year and it has been a great experience. Every transaction with Wayfair thus far has resulted in early package delivery making my staging effortless. I prefer to use this retailer for accent furniture like console tables, dining tables, and dining chairs. While assembly can be a bit difficult, I have loved and used every item purchased by Wayfair. If you are looking for quality accent furniture that can deliver on time, I highly recommend Wayfair.

When I first entered AtHome I was in awe at the variety of home décor for every style imaginable. I was so overwhelmed by the options that I had to walk out of the store and process what I had just discovered. When I finally returned, I purchased several unique accessory items for a current home staging. I can always count on AtHome for area rugs, lamps, and pillows. While these may seem like minor décor details, to stagers and designers, these accessories can offer extra flair to highlight different rooms. The variety of lamps is different at every location and broadens the options for unique lighting. In addition, the pricing and quality of both the pillows and rugs has never let me down. The variety of options you find in AtHome has made it one of my top stores to visit when I need to add a little something extra in a one-of-a-kind home.

Amazon is an online retailer I can’t live without. If you use Amazon, I highly recommend a Prime membership so you can get the benefit of 1-2 day shipping. This is one of the main reasons that Amazon has been a top favorite as well as the ease of returns if it does not work out. I have purchased bedding and blankets from Amazon and love what I have received. If you have an idea of what you need, you can also find similar items as suggestions and filter your options from high to low price. As a stager, I always go with the items from Amazon that have the best reviews and guarantee the best quality. This is definitely the best retailer I’ve used so far when it comes to bedding and blankets.

While a few of these retailers are well known, I wanted to take time to point out today how they have helped me personally with my home staging needs. When I am purchasing inventory, I look for items that are versatile and durable. There are other places that I shop, such as local vintage shops for unique finds, but these are my go-to places that I know will deliver on their promise. Getting a vision from my clients is one of my favorite parts of home staging. However, without some of these stores I know that I would not be able to make their vision a reality. I am so thankful for these retailers that supply stunning décor items for stellar home staging.

Edited by Victoria Roberts

Written by Esther Hernandez




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