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My Top Five Paint Colors for Selling your Home

A phrase that you may hear often is “A little bit of paint goes a long way”. When it comes to selling a home, this well-known quip is actually true! There is a huge return on investment when you give your entire home a new paint job before listing.

As a home stager, I recommend that sellers add a fresh coat of paint for two reasons. First, painting your home the same color will make the space feel larger and give the home a sense of unity. Second, a fresh coat of paint not only hides blemishes but also offers a noticeable face lift. Once sellers have given their walls a refresh, we can come in and work our staging magic to ensure that the home looks beautiful.

Here are the top five go to Sherwin Williams paint colors that I recommend to clients.

1. Repose Gray

This paint color has been a top pick for several years. Repose gray is a dark gray base blended with rich blue hues and streaks of light gray and white. This is the perfect color for your home if you want to present a cool, relaxing ambience at showings and open houses. I often recommend this color for homes that are located near a lake or ocean as it carries a cool tone.

2. Gray Screen

Although this color is in the gray family at Sherwin Williams, this color has a pale blue base that is mixed with gray and white to create the perfect paint tone. This color pairs well with bright white trim and gives off a more blue tone than repose gray does. Gray screen is another great paint color for homes located next to bodies of water that want to reflect a breezy vibe.

3. Agreeable Gray

This color is part of the greige family at Sherwin Williams which simply means that it has a dark gray base with strong beige undertones to create warmth. Agreeable gray is another popular color that is great for painting a home about to hit the market. If you want an atmosphere with a balance of warm and cool vibes, agreeable gray is the perfect color choice.

4. Accessible Beige

This paint color steps away from the gray family and offers a a deep beige base with slight hints of white mixed throughout. Accessible beige also has a balanced light reflectance value which means that it is not too light and not too dark. It’s the perfect balance for those who like a natural beige color palette.

5. Divine White

As a stager, I am partial to the clean white paints. This color is not a bright white but rather leans toward a warmer hue. A small hint of yellow keeps the harsh white from taking over but opens up the space of the home. Divine white gives homeowners a classic, clean look that can be accented with trim and staging design.

These are the top five paint colors I recommend when preparing to sell and stage your home. All of these colors have been featured in magazines like HGTV and Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles. Painting will give your home the fresh update that it needs to complement a pristine staging design. There is no greater return on investment than painting and staging your home before selling.

Comment below and let us know what you think? What are your go to paint colors when selling your home?

Written by: Esther Hernandez

Edited by: Victoria Roberts

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