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Maximizing Your Small Space: Interior Designer-Approved Storage Solutions

There are so many ways to maximize the space in your home. I have often heard clients say things like “everything is just everywhere,” or “I feel like there’s no room for anything,” or “I just want thing to have a place to be out of sight and out of mind.” So many people struggle with having smaller spaces with way too many items and absolutely no place to place their items or sit down to enjoy their home. Today, I’m going to share with you some tried and true ways to maximize your home’s space from an interior designer’s perspective.

Design Approved Storage Solutions

Small Space Solution: Do not underestimate your vertical space

When you are thinking about maximizing your small home with creative storage solutions, you want to make the most out of your vertical wall space. This can include adding things such as wall hooks to hang hats, keys, purses, coats, etc. Another way to maximize your wall space is to add sturdy and high-quality wall shelves that are capable of holding an average amount of weight. By doing this, you will be able to move books or add decorative accents without cluttering up tabletops or the floor.


Small Space Solution: Don’t skimp on the small stuff

The small stuff I am referring to is mostly items that you store in the kitchen and bathrooms. One of the easiest ways to make your home feel cheap and cluttered is by using plastic storage containers in these areas of the home. Instead, opt for glass or bamboo canisters to house things like soap, cotton balls, flour, sugar, and any other “small stuff” items. This makes your storage look high end and gives your home a sustainable aesthetic.


Small Space Solution: Go for furniture with dual purpose

If you have children, utilizing furniture that has an added storage feature is a bonus. This can include benches, side tables, sectionals, or ottoman coffee tables. Don’t think that just because the toys are multiplying that you are subjected to having your home a mess all the time. Show your children the places they can hide all their toys and turn it into a fun clean up game. This will keep your family happy while maintaining a tidy and well-designed home. These dual function pieces can also be a great place to store the various blankets you have around the house.


Small Space Solution: You don’t have to display storage items

One of the best but slightly more expensive ways to maximize storage without it hurting the aesthetic of your home is to give closets and pantries more built-in shelving. You can customize this anyway you want, add in all the storage pieces, and then close the door so no one has to see it. This will also give you peace of mind knowing that even though it’s put away, it is still organized and not all in one giant pile at the bottom of the closet.


Small Space Solution: Get creative with small corners

If you are not obstructing any high traffic areas, get creative with some of the little corners around your house. Thinner shelving can be a great place to display extra plates or even accent pieces to give your home more personality without the clutter. Consider a hat stand in a corner for additional coats and hats or just another drop off zone for miscellaneous items that happen to pile up.


Small homes are beautiful, too. The most important thing about maximizing your storage is to get creative with it. These designer approved storage space solutions may be just what you need to keep your home looking fabulous. Seek inspiration online via Pinterest or Instagram or get a professional opinion by booking a one-time design consultation with an interior designer.



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