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Making the Perfect Bed

Did you know that after years of research, it is a well-known fact that making your bed can help set the tone for your day. Remember when your mom would tell you to make your bed in the morning and you really didn’t want to. As you grew older, this habit was drilled into you with hopes of teaching you how to be a responsible adult. Sometimes this task can feel overwhelming after viewing so many perfect beds on Pinterest or other online platforms. Today, I’m going to explain how you can make your bed perfectly in five easy steps that just might set the mood for your day.

1. It’s all in the sheets!

Make sure that you have a clean fitted and flat sheet set. If having is too complicated, use a fitted sheet that is tucked in appropriately and smoothed out. This first layer is the most important as it lays the foundation for the rest of your bed.

2. Back to the Basics!

You cannot have a bed without standard pillow inserts and shams. For each person sleeping on the bed, you need to have two basic pillow shams and inserts. Simply stack two at a time on top of each other and place them side by side and you are done with step two.

3. Throw on the accents!

Adding a pop of color or a pattern makes your bed feel fun and multi-dimensional. Although there are several ways to style throw pillows on a bed, the simplest mehod would be to start with a set of euro pillows and then begin layering square throw pillows or lumbar pillows on top. Of course, don’t forget to do a quick karate chop to get that designer look “V” in your pillows.

4. Give it a thick layer!

This next layer could be either a single duvet or comforter or both. If you are keeping it basic, opt for a thicker duvet cover that you can simply pull back in front of your accent pillows. Another option would be to do a trifold gather which brings your duvet all the way to the end of your bed.

5. Add the cherry on top!

The secret to the perfect layered bed is adding a throw blanket on top for a finishing touch. You can add an extra long throw blanket across the trifold duvet gather at the end of the bed for a polished bed look or you can gently toss one over one corner of your bed to give it a more relaxed look.

Making your bed sets the tone for your room and your entire day. Once you begin to Implement these five easy steps, this daily task will become second nature. Take it one step at a time and soon you’ll be on your way to improving your daily routine.


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