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Is Home Staging Needed in Gwinnett County?

Today, the Atlanta real estate market is a very hot market. Despite the hit of COVID in early 2020 and even up until now, Atlanta's economy is one of the top five cities in the nation to continue to produce jobs making it one of the fastest growing economies. Due to the income and job growth, the real estate market is doing very well especially in Gwinnett County. Gwinnett county is one the most populated counties outside of Atlanta meaning that it is one of the most desired places to live for those working in the area. For this reason, let's talk about how to take advantage of the hot market and attract your ideal buyers to your home through home staging.

You followed all the steps. You evaluated the net worth of your home and are finished the renovations . You are ready to list this beautiful home on the market. But, something is missing. Right now, it’s just an empty house filled with neutral space. What is next?

What will take your home to the next level? The answer is simple. Home staging is the final step you need to take.

Home staging is what connects buyers to the home through simple design touches. This is your first avenue to get people to not only look at the home online but also to come view the fabulous home and make offers. Home staging places your home above the competition of every other trendy yet neutral home on the market in Gwinnett county.

To prove this point, let’s look at some statistics from the National Association of Realtors on the importance of staging homes before listing it on the market:

- The National Association of Realtors (NAR ) reports that 44% of buyers start their home search online and 98% of buyers frequently use the web to search for homes. A staged home, which results in stunning photos, will capture a buyers eyes from the first click to the last.

- An article at pointed out that staging helps fetch more money for the house at resale. In addition, at least half of agents state that staging increases a home’s value from anywhere between 1%-10%.

The real question to answer is: Why would you not want to use a home stager?

No matter the price range of the home, whether luxury or not, there is always going to be a return on investment when using a home stager. At every price point, sellers want their home to be a step above all other homes in the Gwinnett area. Homes today are selling quickly on the market, but with home staging, statistics prove that people are willing to offer more for a home that is presented well. Allowing an expert to stage your home ensures that you will attract your ideal buyer who will cherish the home and what it has to offer.

So , now, maybe you’re wondering: Can I afford a home stager?

The average cost of home staging is between $500, if it is occupied, and $3,000 ,if it is vacant, for a basic home staging. The staging will pay for itself in the return on investment. Since the return on investment is normally high, some agents purposely offer staging to their clients to increase the chances that the offers will be well above asking price. If you trust in staging as an agent, then you can help your clients see the value in this service even if it is just a two to three hour consultation that they are willing to invest.

When done right, home staging can double if not triple the investment that you have placed in your home already. The market in the 13 cities of Gwinnett county is a sellers’ market as of December 2020.This means that several people are looking for homes in this area and are willing to pay asking or above asking price to get their HGTV worthy home. To attract the right buyers to your home, Effortless Designs does the research for you. We look at the statistics, analyze the demographic, and study the home so that our staging brings the best offers in. Yes, home staging is very much needed in Gwinnett County today as the market continues to do well.

Written by: Esther Hernandez

Edited by: Victoria Roberts


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