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From Design Trends to Staging Style

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

In the interior design realm, there are many styles to explore and experiment with, especially when it comes to staging a home. As a professional home stager, I tend toward neutral décor trends as this allows the home to appeal to a broad range of buyers. This month, I would like to share some trending design styles, the basics that make them unique, and the way professionals may use them in staged homes.

Midcentury Modern: Removing the Old and Embracing the New

Mid-century modern homes have been popular since the 1940s.This trend was created as a way for designers to make something new and different in the post war era. Although some elements have shifted throughout the years, this style thrives on clean lines with few embellishments, allowing the key pieces to stand on their own. Statements from the Mid-century modern collection include nesting tables, stacking furniture, sleek dining tables and chairs, and curved lines. The color palette for this style would be two pops of color in the staging design with everything else neutral yet eclectic.

Scandinavian: Simplicity and Style with Comfort

This style, also known as Nordic, is a combination of earth tones, white textures, and natural materials. The color palette for most Scandinavian homes leans more towards the neutral side with a few cool tones mixed in. This style has become popular recently as it envelops a calm and serene style of living. Key elements used in this style are white, textured pieces paired with natural teakwood and natural light. This staging style is often used either in small spaces to make them appear larger or in coastal homes to give a tranquil aesthetic.

Minimalistic Boho – Global Variety

This design style is a combination of the usual color of boho and the clean lines of minimalism. One of the key elements that defines this style is the amount of greenery used in designs. Colors and neutrals combine to create an eclectic and fun design style. From the colorful medallion rugs to tassels and hanging plants, the minimalistic boho style offers the best from both worlds, while enhancing clean lines and clutter free spaces.

Modern Farmhouse – Rustic Elements Unite with Modern design

Characterized by reclaimed or distressed wood and rustic details, most people easily recognize the modern farmhouse style. This design style thrives from the textures that are used in the design process instead of specific colors. Modern Farmhouse homes are defined by their open layout and their step towards more neutral color palettes to preserve a restful atmosphere in the home. This staging style first became popular with the rise of HGTV shows and it continues to be a popular trend today.

Contemporary – Mixing the Old with the New

This design style has always been around but often fluctuates, depending on the year. This design style uses clean lines and neutral tones but mixes old items with new ideas. This style was introduced in the mid-1900s and while it can be paired with any other modern style, it emphasizes functionality above all else. The highlight for this style is to use interesting pieces while keeping a clean, neutral palette throughout the staging design.

Transitional – Elegance and Class

Transitional Style designs combine traditional colors and qualities with a timeless appeal of contemporary style. Characteristics that define this style are shaker cabinets, harmonious textures and patterns, and careful embellishments. This style is one of the most updated styles out there. The transitional style elevates traditional homes with contemporary style.

All of these popular design styles have been used throughout the world of staging to help sell homes for top dollar. Whether you lean towards a more eclectic, vibrant style or you prefer a more minimalist, neutral design, each of these design styles offer something for every buyers' tastes.


Let me know by commenting below which style you prefer or if you love a combination of several styles. Do not forget to like and share this blog on your social media and tag us @effortlessdesigns8

Written by Esther Hernandez

Edited by Victoria Roberts


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