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How to Transition Your Home to Fall the Right Way

Fall is officially here! Have you started decorating for the season? I personally caved to fall decorations during the second week of September. Whether you just need a quick checklist to make sure your house meets interior design standards or whether you are still in the process of transitioning into the new season, here are some quick design tips to make the seasonal change easier.

1. Elevate with new Pillows

When the crisp fall weather hits, all you want to do is bury yourself in a mound of pillows and blankets. However, a pile of summer pillows won’t match the snuggling mood. Try switching out the sage greens, light blues, and pastel yellows for pillows with warmer tones. Throw pillows with darker tones or rustic patterns will spice up your home for fall.

2. Warm up your area rug

The area rug in your home sets the stage for your aesthetic. To make your home feel more autumnal this year, update your area rug in one of two ways. The first option is to replace your current rug with one that has a thicker texture. The second option is to layer a jute rug under your current rug, which adds visual interest and warmth.

3. Update your dining table centerpiece

Redoing the dining table centerpiece is one of my favorite things to do each season. There are so many different directions that you could go with a centerpiece. Whether you want it clean and minimal or full and earthy, this area of the home is the quickest to update. For fall, go simple by updating your table runner, purchasing a large round vase with some fall stems for the center, and even adding some fall table settings and napkins.

4. Layer up the accessories

During the cold months of the year, layering accessories throughout the home shows that you are ready for the season. Books, blankets, beaded tassels, table trays, throw rugs, and wooden charcuterie boards ------- all these styling accessories add warmth and character to a home, which is perfect for transitioning to fall.

5. Throw in pumpkins

Nothing says your home is ready for fall quite like a pumpkin does. While this is a classic for this time of year, you want to make sure you don’t overdo this trend. Instead of opting for plastic or ceramic pumpkins, try going with textured pumpkins. Decorative pumpkins made of rattan, velvet, or cotton will give a cozy, inviting feeling to your home this fall.

6. Switch out the bedding

This fall interior design tip is one of the easiest ones to do on this list. Switch out your light spring and summer comforter or quilt for a heavier duvet that gives your bed added volume. If you have never made the switch during the transition of the seasons, then now is your time to go out and purchase a thicker bedding set. Pairing a luscious new coverlet with an oversized knit throw blanket is another subtle way to introduce fall into your bedroom.

7. Include some fall scents

I couldn’t end this this fall design blog without talking about scents. When choosing your scents for this season, I recommend sticking with scents like cinnamon, pumpkin, vanilla, coffee, apples, or fall leaves. If you prefer essential oil fragrances, try going with cinnamon bark, ginger, vanilla, pine, and wild orange. All these scents will make your home feel ready for fall.

These interior design tips will help you as you transition your living space for the fall season. Stay focused on layering to adding visual interest. If you follow these guidelines, your home will be fall ready in no time. Don’t forget to tag us in all your fall home décor photos and to share this blog post with family and friends! Happy Fall!

Written by Esther Hernandez

Edited by Victoria Roberts


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