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It is understandable to have questions when hiring a professional to stage your home. It is a big investment. Today I thought I would take time to answer some of the big questions that come with this commitment. We never want our clients to feel as though we do not care. We believe that all of our clients deserve clear answers about our company. Here are some of the most common questions I’ve received.

1. Do I really need to hire a home stager?

As with any project, you can choose to stage your home yourself. Sometimes all you need is a simple consultation, which gives you access to important home staging tips. However, a professional home stager has a trained eye for specific selling points in your home and can maintain an objective perspective. Hiring a home stager ensures that your home is presented at its best for potential buyers.


2. How much does home staging cost?

We usually suggest that clients budget 1% to 3% of their home’s listing price. This budget should also include an initial consultation fee. Keep in mind that there is a minimum that we require for vacant homes as the overhead is much larger than occupied homes. It is important to keep in mind that the average return on investment on a staged home is between 8%-10% of the listing price. Even if you only hire us to do a premium staging consultation for $200, you are already adding value to the home and increasing your return on investment.


3. Why does home staging cost so much?

The cost of homes staging varies based on the amount of work needed and the type of home being staged. For a vacant home to be staged, the estimate includes several overhead expenses such as design and installation, labor, consultation, furniture rental, mover expenses, etc. When staging an occupied home, although the main furniture is already in the home, the staging professional spends several hours preceding the day of photo prep to sketch floor plan layouts, shop for needed items, and analyze current style to appeal to buyers. We know that budgets can be tight, but we also want to ensure that your home is presented at its best when going on the market.


4. What is the turnaround time for home staging?

A home staging can take anywhere between three weeks to a month. Always be sure to contact your home stager for an appointment while keeping that timeframe in mind. We always recommend to our clients that they contact us at least one month before listing an occupied home and at least two to three weeks before selling a vacant property that needs staging.

5. It’s a hot market, why do I need to stage my property for sale?


6. How can I tell if the home needs staging?

If you want to know the benefits a staging can bring your home, start with a consultation. A stager can assist you with evaluating the needs of your home. Every home can benefit from being professionally staged. We charge a flat rate fee for our home staging consultations so that any homeowner can include get a professional staging opinion before they sell.


7. Can’t I just clean and declutter?

Although cleaning and decluttering are key points that stagers hit when doing a consultation for our clients, they are only the first steps. Home staging focuses on making your home stand out above the crowded market. For example, when wrapping a present, you can wrap it with nice paper and tape but the bow is what really makes it stand out. Home staging is the bow on top of the present that makes the home look attractive on the market.

8. Will home staging affect my selling price?

For the most part, staged homes sell at list price. Due to the higher perceived value, the homeowner or realtor can sell the home for its actual net worth. Non staged homes often include repairs or home improvements that later become deductions from the selling price.


9. Can stagers cover up major home repairs or flaws in my home?

Home staging is a service which enhances the positive features of a home, drawing attention away from any negative features that may be present. However, home stagers never use their furniture or accessories to hide major problems in any home. Staging is meant to beautify the existing qualities of the home. It does not cover up major repair issues.

I hope this answered some of your FAQs! Please feel free to contact us if you have any other specific questions and we will answer those too!

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