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Favorite Fall Trends

Fall is in the air and the stores are abuzz, enticing shoppers to purchase all the cozy fall décor for their homes. If you are selling your home during the fall season, it can become a challenge to find the perfect décor items that both evoke the fall ambience and remain sufficiently neutral for potential buyers . This month’s blog post is going to focus on trending fall design elements that will keep you in the fall mood, while also maintaining a clean home palette. Whether your goal is to sell or keep your home free of clutter, these tips will narrow down your decisions amidst the fall décor frenzy.

The colors you use in each individual space establish the mood for the entire home. In the fall, lean towards warm, cozy tones to set the fall ambience. Here are a few trending palettes to consider for that fall feeling inside your home.

Earth Tones – This palette consists of color shades with dark brown or earthy hues. Although you can use earth tones all year round, they are more common in the fall. Trending earth tones include sienna, black, maroon, burgundy, orange, dark gray, beige, and olive green.

Terracotta –. Terracotta is a palette of brown-orange hues that resemble clay. Incorporating terracotta colors into both outdoor and indoor decor can really bring the fall aesthetic to your home. These hues also compliment nearly all other accent colors you may prefer.

Rich, saturated colors – This palette consists of the most common colors of fall. They tend toward bright and vibrant décor for a bolder fall style. These colors include dark red, bright orange, navy blue, or deep purple.

Textures can turn a simple design plan into a magazine worthy setting. Winter and fall are the best seasons to add countless textures for a cozy, welcoming setting. Here are some textures to consider this season.

Rattan and wicker-. Try adding wicker and rattan elements to your home. Wicker weave and rattan material are often combined to create a warm, natural vibe. Incorporate them in areas such as outdoor seating, indoor accent chairs, baskets, or even unique accent pieces containing one or both aspects.

Natural wood – Natural wood is one of my favorite staging style elements. It adds warmth and can often become a stand-out element in any space. Add natural wood to your fall décor by displaying natural wood dough bowls with fall fillers or natural wood trays on coffee tables.

Distressed or tarnished – This texture has been one of the longest standing trends in home décor as it often lends to a sense of a homey atmosphere. You can add new distressed items to your home like signs or you can take an old item and distress it yourself for added texture in any room. Whichever route you take, its sure to add extra flavor to your fall décor.

It’s easy to go overboard with all the signs, pillows, and blankets during the cooler months. However, you can add seasonal accessories to your home while avoiding excessive clutter. Here are some simple ways to improvise.

Chunky blankets – These are the go-to for couches and blanket ladders. Adding a chunky knit blanket that is a fall color on the couch can certainly make a room feel cozy.

Natural, unique elements – These items can vary based on your taste and preference. Natural fall accessories can include: fall leaf branches, luxe pumpkins, or wheat shocks. All of these can be displayed on different surfaces in clean, glass vases.

Baskets and Blanket ladders – Large baskets to hold an abundance of blankets gives your home a cozy, fall aesthetic without looking cluttered. Blanket ladders are another way to display cozy blankets. Both methods add a welcoming element for your guests when coming inside from the crisp fall air.

The backyard and front doorways sometimes get neglected during the cold seasons. Remember that the first impression of your home starts on the outside. Fall is the perfect time to add exterior flourishes that create an inviting outdoor space.

Lanterns and pots – Varying sizes of lanterns add a bit of fall charm to your front door area. Pots filled with fall flowers like mums can also lend an autumn aesthetic to an entryway or outdoor patio space.

Pumpkins – Fall is not fall without pumpkins! Purchasing synthetic pumpkins for the entire season or carving some real pumpkins and placing them outdoors will fill any home with the extra fall spirit.

Wreaths and Garlands – These are staples when it comes to fall décor outside. A nice wreath hanging on the front door gives a flat entryway a little warmth in the middle of fall. They can also be a way to welcome your guests if they include a simple greeting to usher them inside.

Who doesn’t love the fragrances that come with fall? From pumpkins to coffee to apple cider, fragrances can set the mood in your home. If these scents don’t become overwhelming, there is always room to add them in for the perfect autumn oasis.

Candles – Candles are great way to add various fall scents throughout the home. The warm crackling of a burning candle gives an extra sense of warmth to the space around it. They’re also a great option for incorporating texture to a table centerpiece.

Diffusers – Diffusers are a great way to add light and subtle fall scents. Scents like cinnamon and orange combine perfectly to release fall spices into the atmosphere.

Homemade treats – Baking is the best way to incorporate fall scents into your home. Spend time this season making some apple pie, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, or your favorite fall treat to incorporate scents and sweets in your home. They also give you something to offer to guests who may be viewing your house on the market.

From start to finish, fall can be one of the most enticing seasons of the year . While people are enjoying the cooler weather and comforts of home, it’s natural to want to bring some of that charm into your decorating. Whether it’s through texture, color palettes, or the perfect entryway, use these tips in your home so that your family can enjoy both the outdoor autumn activities and the indoor family moments equally.

Written by Esther Hernandez

Edited by Victoria Roberts


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