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Falling out of Love with the Old

It’s true that age adds beauty to almost every area of life. However, when it comes time to sell your home, sometimes the things that you think have aged to perfection may not be the most beautiful to look at. Freshening up your home for prospective buyers will show them how much more there is to love. Today, let’s talk about FALL-ing out of love with our old home and giving it a face lift. There’s usually at least one update you can do in each main area of the house to improve overall appearance.

Curb appeal

A fresh coat of a paint goes a long way towards freshening curb appeal. Repainting the outside of your house will present an attractive and new face that sets it apart from other homes in the neighborhood. This is a great way to catch the eye of prospective buyers.


To improve your entryway, simply put away your coats and shoes. Immediately, this will make your entrance appear spacious and uncluttered. A welcoming entryway will keep the buyers moving forward as they consider your home for their future.

Living Room

To freshen the living room, make sure that the pillows are straightened, and the main coffee table contains attractive centerpieces. A simple tray with succulents and one or two remotes will look simple and homey.


Cleanliness is the most important part of this room. A quick clean of the stovetop and counters will make the space feel fresh. An open and organized kitchen is a great way to draw the eye.

Dining room

To brighten up the dining room, make sure you break out the good china! A simple six person place setting with a vase of flowers in the middle and you will make this space look ten times better.


To keep the eye away from the unattractive places in the bathroom, be sure to close the shower curtains and the toilet bowls. Sometimes we forget to do those things and that can be very unsightly for others.


Making your bed can help the entire room appear pleasing. Since it is the focal point of any bedroom, make sure to lay out fresh pillows and straighten the wrinkles.

All of these tips will help make your home more presentable to real estate agents and photographers when they come over to do their job. While this is not an in-depth list, it covers the basics and most of these things you can do in merely a few minutes. Remember, love at first sight is just as important as love that grows with age.

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Edited by Victoria Roberts @isabeljoywrites



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