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Enhancing your Coffee Table Decor

When is the last time you gave your coffee table a face lift? Most times the easiest thing to do when revamping your space is to go out and buy new furniture. Yet the key to a new look doesn’t always require a big purchase. Sometimes all it takes to freshen up the space is simple décor adjustments. In today’s blog post, I will be giving you some tips to enhance your coffee table setting and achieve a fresh new look.

1) Liven it up with greenery: In order to add a light and airy freshness to the room, consider adding greenery to your coffee table space. Greenery presents so much versatility from potted plants to succulents to green stems in a vase. It can be incorporated into various trending styles. Whether you’re are a minimalist by heart or love to give life and color to your home through eclectic items, a potted plant is just the thing to give your coffee table a little more love. Some of the best and affordable places to purchase faux potted greenery are Target, At Home, World Market, Home Goods, and Ikea. For live plants, I recommend shopping at places such as The Sill, the Silver Garden Co., Cellar Door Plants, or your local Home Depot.

My Plant picks:

2) Layer it with a Tray: Trays have become more popular in today’s design world because they lean towards a more minimalistic style. They come in a variety of designs and styles that can help coffee table decor come to life. Trays also vary in size, which adds layer and depth to a space without the need for too many items. They also give the coffee table a focal point which is important in good design technique. A few places that have a great variety of trays include Hobby Lobby, Kirkland, Amazon, and Home Goods.

My Tray Picks:

3) Elevate it with a book: We have discussed items that add layer and life to any coffee table décor but now let’s talk about height. Books are a great tool to elevate a variety of décor items such as candles, decorative spheres, wooden tassel beads, and bowls. When combined with the perfect tray, books can draw from color palettes in the room and add depth to the coffee table. You can always find great colorful books at local thrift stores or right from your very own bookshelf.

Giving your coffee table a facelift is just one way to add freshness to your décor. Don’t forget to always keep in mind the three main elements we discussed when revamping your coffee table space. Life, layers, and height can be combined to make your space feel new again. The list of items that you could place on your coffee table is only limited by your design style. These are a few general suggestions that can help refresh your coffee table to make it Pinterest perfect. Potted plants that add life, trays that add layers, and books that give height will give your flat coffee table the perfect facelift.

Written by: Esther Hernandez

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