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Easy Tips to Create the Best Coffee Bar

Updated: Mar 26

Is a fresh cup of coffee part of your regular morning routine?

Designing a personalized coffee bar suited to your tastes can help make your mornings easier. There are many different ways to design a coffee bar area that is tailored to fit your needs. The perfect location for your coffee bar area may be on a free counter in your kitchen or on a fashionable bar cart in your dining room. However, the foundations to designing the perfect coffee bar can be achieved by having some of these key pieces.


Coffee syrup in glass dispensers with frother, single serve and coffee pods
Coffee Bar Essentials

The Coffee Pot. The first item on your coffee bar must be a coffee machine. Depending on space and budget, you could have both a coffee pot and a single serve. You may even choose to incorporate an espresso machine. Don’t be afraid to choose a coffee machine with its own unique personality such as a fun, favorite color or a vintage, tarnished coffee machine. Click here to check out some of my favorite coffee machines. (This link is an affiliate link with the Collective Voice and I may earn commissions when you purchase.)


The Mug Display. You simply must have an area to display your favorite mugs. You could do a mug tree, floating shelves, or wall hooks where you can display your favorites proudly. Although you do not need to display all fifty mugs that you may have, having a designated spot next to your coffee maker with your 3-5 favorite mugs will help to brighten your morning. Choose mugs that have the textures and portraying your personal style. For a neutral, transitional styled home, you may choose mugs that have a clay texture with earthy colors. If your home is more retro and modern, opt for choosing mugs that have fun quotes, colors, or images on them.


The Frother. A milk frother brings a small touch of luxury to your coffee bar area. This is a simple item that is low cost and absolutely elevates your coffee bar area. It  adds an air of elegance to the standard coffee bar area. Friends and guests will love being able to froth their creamer to create the perfect cup of coffee. And on a hard morning alone, you will too!


The Coffee Storage. Making sure your coffee is stored in an aesthetic way brings another level of comfort to your coffee corner. If you have a single serve machine, you will need something that is large enough to hold the pods but that doesn’t take away from the look of the coffee bar. Consider using an oversized glass container with a lid or an open metal pod carrier. If you are using coffee grounds, you will need to opt for something that can be tightly sealed and that also has a scoop. Consider a tin or glass sealed container with a marble spoon.


Who knew designing your own coffee bar could be so fun? If you are a coffee drinker, you won’t regret splurging to create the perfect coffee bar. It’s through the simple details that the greatest difference is made in getting one step closer to a beautifully designed home.



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