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Best Practices to Introduce Staging to Clients

Leading realtors across the nation have been able to elevate their listing services by having clients stage their properties before listing. However, even though realtors know the difference staging can make, many find that it can be challenging to approach a client about how staging can work for them. Today, I want to offer a solution. Let’s discuss a few ways to break the ice and introduce staging to your clients when listing their homes.

1. Appeal to the third party

Most sellers want their homes listed and sold quickly. When introducing staging to a client, consider sharing the benefit that a consultation could add to the value of their home. Bringing in a home stager to analyze their home will give them a third unbiased opinion. This will increase a buyers’ perceived value of the home. While a consultation does not guarantee a staging, it can offer value to your client and help them realize that the way they live in the home and the way they sell their home are two very different things.

2. Elevate your services through consultations

One way to introduce clients to staging and elevate your listing services at the same time is to incorporate a complimentary staging consultation with your clients. This way you can have the stager introduce the concept of staging to the client for a small consultation fee. If the sellers decide to stage, you have elevated your value to your seller and have helped your client sell their home for top dollar and stand out from the competition.

3. Show them the return-on-investment value

According to the National Association of Realtors, almost half of sellers’ agents believe that staging increased the value of the home up to 20% even in this hot market. Present the competition! Let your clients know that the housing market is competitive and give them details that encourage a staging as a means for higher profit. Professional home staging brings in an average ROI that is double if not triple what they pay for home staging. This means that anything they put into home staging will come back to them by having their home sell for more than other homes on the market. Present this information to your sellers before listing so that they see the value staging can add to the sale of their home.

4. Display confidence in your stager

When presenting staging to the clients, be sure to appeal to their need for a professional. Get to know the stager and the way they work before presenting staging to your clients. It is crucial to let your clients know that the stager you are bringing in is a qualified professional who knows the demographic of the area. It is important that you make sure that your stager runs a reputable business and has the means to get a desirable outcome on the sale of your client’s home. These qualifications as well as your stager’s portfolio can be presented to the seller, so they realize that you are bringing in an expert from the home staging industry

Introducing staging to clients can be intimidating. However, once you explain the difference staging makes through a staging consultation, return on investment, and a professional stager, they will understand its benefits. Home staging is an effective tool for both the realtor and client to add high value to the home sale.

Written by Esther Hernandez

Edited by Victoria Roberts


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