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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Happy New Year from Effortless Designs! Since this is the first month of the year, I want to discuss one of the first, most important services in my business. This would be the premium home staging consultation. Notice that we include premium in our description because we are committed to serving our clients with the best possible information and design perspective.

At Effortless Designs, we recommend an onsite consultation before the staging ever begins. We want to be able to plan the best way to present your home to potential buyers by doing a thorough walk through of the home property. Our consultations are comprised of a curb appeal assessment , a complete walk through of the house interior, and an analysis of furniture layout for traffic flow from the perspective of a professional stager. Today, I want to break down this process for you.

Why do I need a professional stager for a walk through?

Having a specialized stager come in to do an on-site premium consultation has many benefits. First, it gives the realtor a second opinion as a backup when speaking to homeowners preparing for a sale. Sometimes homeowners are more reluctant to listen to their realtor but are willing to listen to an expert trained in the art of home staging. Second, having a professional eye looking at your home will allow them to stage in a way that will attract potential buyers. Home stagers use the tools that they have to emphasize the positives of each home based on the demographic of the area. Third, the stager can give an often much needed fresh perspective about the home. They catch things that others would not be able to see in terms of aesthetics for selling a home. Home stagers are trained experts whose ultimate goal is to make sure that your home is sold quickly at the best price possible.

Why Curb Appeal?

First impressions are important. Our consultations always begin outside the home where our stager will peruse the landscaping and front of the home. When potential buyers come to see the house, their first opinion is based on the upkeep of the outdoors. An overgrown front yard, broken porch steps, or toys strewn on the lawn can cause the buyers to have a negative opinion of the home.

What is the purpose of a walk through?

Whether you are selling a vacant property or an occupied home, our stager performs the walk through to help the owners know exactly what it will take to get their home on the market for the best price. The stager will start at the front door and will inspect every corner of the home.

For an occupied home, this visit is crucial to the owner because the stager will help them see what needs to be decluttered or packed away. For a vacant home, this visit is essential for getting the the correct measurements and layout for staging. In both occupied and vacant walk throughs, the stagers goal is the same; to increase home appeal for listing photos and showings.

Why does furniture layout matter?

Nobody wants to walk into a home and run into a sofa, trip over a carpet, or feel claustrophobic because of cluttered spaces. One of the key elements our stager focuses on is furniture arrangement for the best traffic flow. There are many cases where the furniture layout may be fine for a homeowner but is not the best when showing the home to a potential buyer. That is why we focus so much on layout during home staging. It is important to keep the space open for the buyers to make it easily to the next room.

Same things apply to a vacant or occupied home; there must be enough space for the potential buyer to see the flooring and the square footage of the room. It may be as simple as moving a sofa to a different living space or storing smaller décor items while showing the home. In either case, furniture arrangement is an important part of selling your home. After a walk through, Effortless Designs can help you manage the perfect arrangement for your home.

Effortless Designs values our on-site consultations. This is not a quick thirty minute session and then our stager leaves. We use this time to offer expert advice and set up a plan that is curated specifically to your home. We want to give your home our undivided attention so that you can attract a broad range of potential buyers. If this type of consultation seems like the right fit for you, take a leap and sign up for your slot in 2021. It could make all the difference toward the start of an unforgettable year. We believe that our clients deserve to have the best expert advice before they sell their home.

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